In your online administrative account, “Assistant Accounts” can be created to provide others access to your Zane Plan. Additionally, permissions can be customized to only allow access to certain information or to perform certain tasks.

How to create an Assistant Account

1. "My Account" > "Assistant Accounts"

Go to “My Account” > “Assistant Accounts.” Click “Add Assistant Account”.

2. Create Assistant Account

Complete the required fields including the username, password, name, and contact information.

3. "Create Account"

Click “Create Account” when finished. By default, a new assistant account will be able to:

  • Add Reimbursements
  • View Reimbursements
  • View Communications
  • View Participants

You can follow the steps below to customize the available permissions for an assistant account at any time.

Editing Assistant Account Permissions

1. "Assistant Accounts" > "Edit"

Go to “My Account” > “Assistant Accounts.” Find the assistant account to edit and click “Edit.”

2. Edit Contact Information and/or Permissions

At the top of the page, you can edit the username/password or contact information.

Under the Permissions section, a list of available permissions are listed to customize as needed. Check each permission to enable, or remove, access for the assistant account.

When finished, click “Save Changes.”

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