As a Plan Administrator, you can change an employee's Class through the online administrator account.


When moving an employee into a different Class it is important to note that you are moving them from one plan to another and that the following will apply:

  • The earliest you can move a participant into a new Class is the first day of the next month.
  • Any unused balance rollover caps will apply, as will unpaid claim rollover settings.
  • Any plan deductibles or expense category maximums will be reset.
  • The Participant will need to submit all claims for their previous Class within 90 days of the Class change.  They will receive an email about this timing issue.

Questions or concerns about any of these?  Please contact our Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist you with the Class change.


To change an employee’s Class, follow these three steps:


1. Open Participant's Page

From your homepage, find the Participant (under “All Participants”) and click on their name.

2. Click "Change Class"

From their "Participant Information" page, scroll down to “Current Information”.  Under “Manage Information” select “Change Class”.

3.  Select New Class and Start Date, and Save

Select the "Start Date" for the Participant to start in the new Class, and select the new "Class" name.  Click “Submit Changes”.

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