As the Plan Administrator, you can change what categories of expenses your company will reimburse by editing the Class Options. Log in to your online administrator account and follow these simple steps.

Note:  Any changes to a Class's plan design must be done on a forward-only basis.  The earliest a plan change can become effective is the first day of the following month. 


1. The Plan > Class Options

From the main menu (blue bar), go to The Plan > Class Options.  Current Classes will be listed. Find the Class to edit.  Click "Options", then "Edit" (located on the right side of the box).

When prompted, choose “ Mid-Year Change”. 

2.  Edit "Employee Allowances and Benefit Options"

Scroll down to the box "Employee Allowances and Benefit Options". If not already selected, check the box "Override the above Settings for specific Categories of Expenses for this Class of Participants...". Tip: to view these options without checking the box click on the question mark icon (?).

From the list of eligible expense categories, choose any expense category to edit. To restrict a category, click on the category name (ex: dental).  Click "do not reimburse..".  From this menu you can also set a category maximum or an expense-specific coinsurance. 

3. Save Class

Scroll to the bottom of the page and "Save Class."

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