When submitting claims for reimbursement, choosing the right "nature of expense" category on the claim form will help you get claims approved faster.  

Follow this guide on how to categorize various medical expenses.

Please Note: This guide includes all types of expenses reimbursable through a Zane Plan. Your company may not reimburse for all of these expenses. Only reimbursable expenses will show on your "nature of expense" drop-down and on your homepage.  

Health Insurance Premiums

All types of eligible health insurance premiums including: individual health insurance, major medical, Medicare, vision, dental and eligible health-related ancillary policies.


Services and treatments performed by a dental practitioner including dental cleanings and care, orthodontia (braces), oral surgery, etc. Note: This excludes teeth whitening and cosmetic procedures. Dental insurance premiums should be categorized as Health Insurance Premium.


Services and treatments performed by an eyecare practitioner such as eye exams, eye surgery and corrective lenses (contacts and glasses).  Note: Vision insurance premiums should be categorized as Health Insurance Premiums.


Services and treatments performed by a medical practitioner related to pregnancy, childbirth, and fertility; including lab work, ultrasounds, etc.

Mental Health

Services and treatments performed by a mental health practitioner related to psychological treatment, behavioral treatment, chemical treatment, addiction treatment, and counseling.

Therapy (PT, OT, ST)

Medical therapy performed by a medical practitioner intended to relieve or heal a disorder or injury, including physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), and speech therapy (ST).


Medical services, excluding goods, performed by a Chiropractor. Note: goods purchased must be submitted as "Over-the-Counter”.

Alternative Medicine (e.g. acupuncture)

Medical services and treatments provided by a medical practitioner that do not fall within the realm of conventional medicine.  Includes acupuncture.

Preventive Care (e.g. mammogram, annual physical)

Services and treatments performed by a medical practitioner to prevent disease or injury, such as annual physicals, mammograms, etc.  

Weight Loss (doctor supervised)

Weight loss programs prescribed by a medical practitioner to treat a specific medical condition such as obesity, high blood pressure, etc.  This excludes the cost of diet food or beverages.


Prescribed, federally legal, medications purchased exclusively from a pharmacy, including mail-order pharmacies.

Doctor Visit (including labwork, xrays, etc)

Outpatient medical services performed in a doctor’s office, lab, clinic or hospital, including lab work, x-rays, diagnostic services, urgent care, and follow-up care by a medical practitioner.  This excludes preventive care and emergency services.


Inpatient medical services performed at a hospital  (such as hospital stay, surgery, etc), including emergency care.  


Over-the-Counter Expenses

Medical supplies that diagnose, cure, mitigate or treat a medical condition, including crutches, bandages, nursing supplies, and medical devices; and prescribed over-the-counter medications.  


If you are unsure how to categorize the expense, or if the expense does not fall into one of the above categories, select "Other" and describe the expense in the field below.

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