This tutorial is for Participants on how to cancel a current recurring claim. Recurring claims are available to some Participants for premium reimbursement.


1.  Log in to your online Participant account

Go to and log in with your username and password.

2.  "View all recurring claims"

From your dashboard (homepage), the number of recurring claims will show under "Recurring Claims".  Click on "view all recurring claims".

Or, from the main menu (blue bar at the top), go to "Account Activity" > "View Recurring Claims".

3. Find recurring claim to cancel

Under "Approved Recurring Claims", find the claim you want to cancel (tip: it will be in a green box).  Use the arrow to expand the claim information.

4. Cancel claim

Click "Cancel this claim".  A date box will appear.  Enter the date you'd like to cancel the plan (today, or retroactively). Confirm by clicking "Cancel this claim".

This claim will now show as a "canceled recurring claim".

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