Most companies choose to record reimbursements as a batch via payroll, however another option is to record reimbursements individually and pay the employee via individual check, an additional paycheck, or online banking (from your company directly to the employee). This method is typically used when you need to reimburse a participant as quickly as possible.

To record an individual reimbursement, log in to your online administrator account and follow these steps:

1. Select the participant

The Admin Dashboard (home page) will show which participants are owed reimbursements. Click the green dollars showing as due under the Reimbursement Due column.

2.  Select Individual Reimbursement
3.  Enter and record reimbursement

The reimbursement amount will default to the amount due for the Participant. You may edit amounts as appropriate.  Edit amounts as appropriate.  

Select the method of reimbursement:

  • Check/Cash: Individual check number must be entered/recorded here. Example: “Check #1001”
  • Payroll: Payroll date must be entered/recorded here. Example: "Payroll 01/15/2017"
  • Online Banking: Transaction date must be entered/recorded here. Example: “Online Banking 01/15/2017"

Click the Record Reimbursement button. This will record the reimbursement your Administrative account.

Please Note: You can view previously recorded reimbursements by visiting your Reimbursements tab > View All Past Reimbursements link.

4. Transfer funds to Participant on the date or check number you indicated previously

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