As a Plan Administrator, you can view each participant’s ledger through the online administrator account. 

The ledger provides an accounting-like view of an employee's activity.  The ledger tracks:

  • Allowance amounts
  • Approved claims
  • Reimbursements
  • Unpaid claim amounts
  • Available balance
  • Any corrections made to claims, allowances, balance or reimbursements

Please Note: The view is limited by HIPAA privacy regulations. Plan Administrators can see basic amount approved for reimbursement, but are unable to see specific claim details.   

Tip:  The ledger shows the current Plan Year. To view a past Plan Year, click on the drop-down View Previous Plan Periods and select the appropriate period.

A Participant’s ledger can be accessed from their Information page. You can view the ledger by clicking on a participant's name, then selecting the View Ledger link on the right hand side.

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