As the Plan Administrator, you can view or make changes to your ZaneHealth Classes from your online administrator account.

Please Note: Any changes to a Class's plan design must be done on a forward-only basis. The earliest a plan change can become effective is the first day of the following month.  Please review the considerations at the end of the article.

1. The Plan tab > Class Options link

From the main menu, select The Plan > Class Options. Current Classes will be listed. Find the Class to review or edit. Select Options > Edit.

At the prompt, choose your desired type of change. 

2. Make Desired Changes 

3. Save Class

If you have any questions about how the changes will impact Participants, or how to make changes to meet your benefit goals, please contact our Support Team and we’d be happy to walk you through the process.


Changing any Class settings will modify your plan, and each of your Participants may have to agree to the Election Form again before submitting claims. Reducing benefits during a Plan Period may violate HIPAA nondiscrimination rules, which require that health plan limitations and exclusions cannot be directed at individual participants based on health factors. To comply with HIPAA, ZaneHealth plan changes that reduce benefits should not become effective any earlier than the first day of the Plan Period following the date on which the change is incorporated into the plan document. An exception to this rule allows modifications within a Plan Period so long as the plan or issuer gives a 60 day warning to enrollees before any modification becomes effective.

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