1. Log in to your online account

Log in to your online Participant account by visiting zane.peoplekeep.com.

2. Submit Claim

From your account dashboard, click Submit Claims. This will bring up a box asking what you are requesting reimbursement for. Once you choose Health Insurance Premium, you will be asked if your submission is for a new premium or replacing an existing premium. After you have marked your response, the claim submission form will appear.

Source of Policy: Choose the option from the drop down menu that most accurately describes where you purchased your policy. 

Insurance Provider: Choose your insurance provider from the drop down list or type the name of your insurance company.

Primary Policyholder: Choose the correct name from the drop-down list or click the ‘Add dependent’ button if the primary policyholder isn’t shown.

Premium Billing Schedule: Choose the frequency in which you are billed (i.e. monthly, quarterly).

Premium Amount Billed: Enter the amount of your premium for the statement period (ex: the monthly amount your premium). 

Premium Billing Period: Choose the month you are requesting reimbursement for.

Additional Comments: This field is optional. Include any comments that will be helpful to your claims processor.

Supporting Documents: Choose ‘Select Files’ to attach documentation right away, or you can indicate that you will be faxing your documents. 

3. Submit for Review

Once the form is completely filled out and the documentation is either attached or you have selected to send it to via fax, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Submit for Review.

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