What are recurring claims?

A recurring claim is an option for your company. It is for health insurance premium claims only and allows Participants to submit their premium claim and documentation once per calendar year. Recurring claims automatically generate a reimbursement for Participants each month. With a recurring claim, Participants do not need to submit new claims or documentation each month.  However, it is up to employees to cancel their recurring claim if their premium changes or cancels.  

How to Allow (or Not Allow) Recurring Claims

  1. From your online administrator account, click My Account > Account Settings.

2.  Scroll down to the Participant Permissions section to locate current settings.  

3.  Check or uncheck Allow Recurring Claims for Health Insurance Premiums and click Save Changes.

  • If you check the box (allow), employees will be allowed to submit a recurring claim for their health insurance premium.
  • If you do not check the box (disallow), employees will be required to manually submit a claim for health insurance each month.


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