Please Note: This article is only applicable for companies with ZaneHRA or GroupHRA. This is not applicable to companies using ZaneHealth.

As the Plan Administrator, you can edit what happens to Participants' HRA balances at the end of the Plan Year. There are three options for unused balance rollover:

  1. Maximum rollover (4 times the annual benefit amount)
  2. Partial rollover (rollover capped at a certain amount)
  3. No rollover (use it or lose it)

To edit these rollover settings, log in to your online administrator account and follow these 3 steps.

Please Note: Any changes to a Class's plan design must be done on a forward-only basis. The earliest a plan change can become effective is the first day of the following month.  


1. The Plan > Class Options

From the main menu, click The Plan > Class Options.  Current Classes will be listed. Find the class to edit.  Click Options > Edit (located on the right side of the box).

 At the prompt select Make a Mid-Year Change and Continue Balances.  

2.  Edit Rollover Maximum Cap

Scroll down to the Employee Allowances and Benefit Options Box. The section Rollover Maximum Cap controls the rollover settings.

  • Maximum balance rollover: Enter the amount (annual allowance x4).  The system will notify you if you've exceeded this amount. Or, if no value is entered, it will prompt you with the maximum amount allowed.
  • Partial (capped) balance rollover: Enter the amount that is allowed to rollover at the end of the year (again, not more than 4x the annual benefit).
  • No balance rollover: Enter zero (0) in each field.

3.  Save Class

Scroll to the bottom and click Save Class.

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