Before you record your company's first reimbursement batch, you need to create a non-taxable reimbursement payroll line item. Reimbursements qualified through your Zane plan may be given as tax-free additions through payroll, similar to mileage and travel expense reimbursements. The reimbursement amounts are not subject to payroll taxes and do not increase an employee’s taxable salary on their W-2.

The non-taxable payroll line item can be described as follows:

  • Non-coded, miscellaneous
  • Addition to net income
  • No tax tracking 

You may title the payroll line item as desired. Below are some suggestions, based on your Zane plan.

  • ZaneHealth: HRP, ZaneHealth, health benefits, health reimbursements, reimbursements
  • ZaneHRA: HRA, ZaneHRA, health benefits, health reimbursements, reimbursements
  • GroupHRA: HRA, GroupHRA, health benefits, health reimbursements, reimbursement.
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