When removing (terminating) a Participant, the following will happen:

  • The Participant will receive an email notifying them they've been removed from the plan (assuming they have an email entered in their Zane account). The email will explain they have a 90-day run-out period (described below). 
  • The Participant will have a 90-day run-out period to submit claims for qualified expenses incurred prior to their termination date.. 
  • Administrative fees will apply until their 90-day run-out period has expired and they are archived from the plan.

If the termination date was entered for a previous month, then it is possible that the Participant’s allowance may have been given incorrectly.  

For example: the employee leaves your company in July, but you do not record them as terminated from the Zane plan until mid-August... after they received August's allowance amount. In this case, an allowance correction may be required to reduce their balance to the correct amount (to remove the August allowance amount).

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