How much does it cost to renew? 

Annual plan renewal is free; no additional fees will be added to your monthly invoice.

How long will it take to renew our plan?

Most plan renewals take about 10 minutes. To get started, login to your administrator portal at and follow the renewal

  • Tip: For a quicker renewal, decide on any plan changes before you start the checklist.

What does it mean to “Lock Renewal”? 

When you Lock Settings for Renewal we will create your new plan year. Can you continue making edits throughout the year? Yes, any
changes mid-year will go into effect on the first of the following month.

Can I prepay for the year?

For new plan years, a monthly fee will be applied to all accounts instead of the annual prepay. 

When do I need to complete the plan renewal checklist?

We encourage you to complete the renewal checklist as soon as possible. Once your renewal is locked in the system, we will generate your
new plan year so employees may submit their new claims. 

What happens if we do not complete the plan renewal checklist?

If the checklist is not completed when your plan year begins, we will automatically generate a new plan year using the same settings as the
previous year. If you do not have any changes to make, you can quickly complete the checklist and lock renewal. 

Are there any changes to the law or to Zane Benefits we need to be aware of?

There have not been any recent changes to the law.  We will notify you well in advance of any changes that would affect your plan.  

Do we need to print and save our plan documents.

Yes. We encourage all companies to print, sign, date, and save your plan documents. Your company’s plan documents outline the
parameters of your plan and are important in the event of an audit. You should print all of the plan documents for your records, however, the main plan document is the most important.  

Do we need to distribute anything to employees?

No. You will not need to supply anything to your employees. We’ll take care of the communication by notifying them via email about the plan
year change, time limits, and claim submission for the new year. 

What changes can we make during renewal? Do we have to notify my employees of the changes?

Your annual plan renewal is the best time of year to make changes to your benefit plan. You can make changes to the class design and
allowances. Your employees do not need to be notified of any class changes made during renewal.  

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