Are membership fee donations to health care ministry sharing programs (also called "Medi-Share" or medical share plans) reimbursable through the Zane Plan?  

No. Health care ministry sharing plans are not insurance, rather they are medical care sharing programs in which a group of people share financial resources to help pay for each other’s medical expenses.

In general, health care ministry sharing programs require a monthly donation from its members, and when a medical expense occurs the members are allowed to file a claim for reimbursement.

IRS Section 213 indicates what types of expenses are reimbursable through medical reimbursement plans, including your Zane Plan. As specified in IRS Section 213(d), an expense can be reimbursed if the benefit is offered by an insurance company or the benefit is part of the insurance itself.

A health care ministry sharing program does not fall into either category in IRS Section 213(d), so these types of expenses are not reimbursable through your Zane Plan.

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