In order to receive tax-free reimbursement of your TRICARE health insurance premiums, you are required to submit detailed documentation verifying the following:

  1. Insurance Provider
  2. Type of Health Insurance
  3. Name of Primary Policyholder
  4. Period of Coverage for the Amount Claimed
  5. Proof of Payment for the Amount Claimed

Note: For each Period of Coverage (e.g. January), a separate claim for reimbursement must be submitted with the above documentation specific to that Period of Coverage.

What documentation do I need to submit to receive approval for TRICARE health insurance premium claims?

To ensure your claim gets approved, you should submit all of the following documentation from TRICARE

  1. Proof of TRICARE coverage
  2. The billing statement for the billing period (Period of Coverage) showing the amount you are claiming
  3. Proof of payment for the amount you are claiming

Where can I get proof of TRICARE coverage?

You can generate an Eligibility Letter that shows proof of health care coverage if you are currently TRICARE eligible. Sign into milConnect, choose the Health Care menu item, and click Proof of Insurance. Follow the directions to generate and print the letter.

You can also contact the DMDC Support Office by mail or fax. Send signed, written request to: DMDC Support Office, 400 Gigling Road, Seaside, CA 93955 or fax your request to 831-655-8317. The following information MUST be included in your request:

  • Sponsor's name and Social Security number
  • Name of all family members to be included on the letter
  • Name and address of the person the request should be sent to
  • Signature of the requester

If you are currently eligible for TRICARE, you will receive an Eligibility Letter. If you are a former TRICARE beneficiary who requires proof of health care coverage, you will need to contact the DMDC Support Office to receive a Certificate of Creditable Coverage (CoCC). A CoCC is the sponsor's and family member's proof that they had previous health care coverage under TRICARE, for the period of time noted on the certificate.

Where can I get a TRICARE billing statement?

This information is typically available online via your online portal at If you can’t find the billing statement online, you can call 1-877-TRICARE and have them email / mail it to you. If that doesn’t take care of it, however, then you could download the “Grievance Form” PDF, fill it in, print it out, and fax it to 877-584-6628. That seems to focus the correct level of management attention on the problem. This is typically a monthly statement.

What if I can’t get a billing statement with all 5 documentation requirements?

If your billing statement does not provide all 5 pieces of information, you can use additional forms of documentation to satisfy each requirement individually. 

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