• Did the amount of your health insurance premium change?
  • Did your insurance carrier change?

If yes, you will need to submit a new recurring claim with the new policy information.

  1. Click to Submit Claim from the menu bar
  2. Request reimbursement for a health insurance premium
  3. Select to replace an existing premium and select the one that you’re replacing
  4. Fill out the details of your new insurance information or premium
  5. Attach supporting documentation and submit for review

You will receive an email saying that the previous recurring claim has been cancelled, and you will receive a second email when the new recurring claim has been approved.

Did your policy change in the past?

If your policy amount changed in the past (ex: last month), we can help you fix the amounts that were approved at the incorrect amount.  When you submit your new recurring claim, enter the start of coverage as the date your policy changed, even if it's in the past.  When we process your claim we will make corrections to claim amounts that were approved.  For example, we will make corrections to add or subtract amounts depending on if your policy amount has increased or decreased.  In this case, you will see corrections on your ledger.

Tip: To prevent these corrections to your ledger, remember to submit a new recurring claim before your insurance premium amount changes. 

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