If your company set up your Zane Plan to allow recurring self-attestation for your claims, you’ll only need to submit each insurance premium once per year. Once your recurring claim has been approved, the software will automatically generate a new claim each coverage period

All you need to do is log in to your account and select the orange Attention Needed button on the claims that are generated each coverage period. You can select the green Submit Attestation button to confirm this policy is still active and all the claim information, such as the premium amount and frequency, is still accurate. 

A few tips for using recurring self-attestation:
If your premium amount changes, or after a year of using the same documentation, you will be asked to submit a new recurring claim. 

How to fill out the online claim submission form:

  • Select 'Submit Claims' on the blue navigation bar at the top of your screen
  • Select Health Insurance Premium for the claim type
  • Choose whether you’re submitting a new recurring claim or whether you’re looking to replace an existing claim (due to premium increase or other)

If choosing ‘Replace an existing premium,’ select which premium it will replace before continuing

  • Fill in your policy, premium and reimbursement information 
  • Attach your supporting documentation 

If you’ll be faxing your documents, scroll down and select ‘Yes’ for ‘Are you going to fax your documentation?’

  • Read through the Recurring Disclaimer and Electronic Signature and select the box
  • Hit ‘Submit for Review’

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